IT Application Architect / Manager
Mumbai - India
Cell: +91 98334 29753
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Gaurab worked for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Calcutta location as Asst. System Analyst during 1997-2000. During his tenure in TCS he made following contribution.
Gaurab worked on application development and management (development, maintenance and enhancement) of integrated core / retail banking application – HOGAN, which supports core / retail banking and debit / credit / charge card business of Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA) Bank, Johannesburg - the largest bank in South Africa. 
HOGAN supports following core / retail banking processes - Integrated Deposit System (IDS), Integrated Loan Processing (ILP), Customer Information System (CIS), Card And Merchant System (CAMS), etc.
Hogan was built on IBM Mainframe technology - MVS, IMS, JCL and COBOL  
Gaurab had been at on-site Johannesburg for six months where he had studied technical and functional framework of HOGAN and then started working on maintenance and enhancement of HOGAN, which he had continued later on from off-shore Calcutta.
Gaurab worked on requirement analysis, design, build, System and Integration Test (SIT), regression test and User Acceptance Test (UAT) support of Hogan.
TCS on-site Account Manager had attributed Gaurab's grasping ability of technical and functional framework of HOGAN as instrumental in successful delivery of project from off-shore.

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