IT Application Architect / Manager
Mumbai - India
Cell: +91 98334 29753
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Gaurab worked for Jenson & Nicholson (I) Ltd in Calcutta location as System Engineer during 1994-1997. During his tenure in J&N he made following contribution.
Gaurab worked on application development and management - development, reverse-engineering and re-engineering and migration of in-house corporate intranet application used for email as well as fax communication across all 36 branches of J&N in India.
This intranet application was built on Star Topology and dial-up/leased connections of PSTN/PSPDN network. Technologies used – DOS, Novel Netware, C, Unix (SCO), UNIX networking / Inter Process Communication (IPC) / socket programming / Transport Layer Interface (TLI) functions and data structures.
Gaurab reverse engineered email editor module and enhanced the same. He also reverse engineered communication modules used for scheduling and routing email / fax among Message Transfer Agency (MTAs) applying Shortest Path Algorithm; it could send email / fax from one MTA to multiple MTAs simultaneously. Gaurab re-engineered both email editor and communication modules from DOS / Novel Netware to Unix (SCO).  
In first year of his professional career Gaurab had single-handedly managed complete editor module of the corporate intranet application.

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