IT Application Architect / Manager
Mumbai - India
Cell: +91 98334 29753
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Industry Verticals:

Banking and Financial Services (BFS)
    Investment Banking / Capital Market – securities, derivatives, primary market, secondary market, OTC, IPO, FPO, front-middle-back office operations, trade life cycle, market price, limit price, stop lose trigger price, clearing and settlement, custodian, depository, risk management, index, market capitalization, corporate actions, equity derivative, commodity derivative, interest rate derivative, currency / forex derivative, credit derivative, credit default swap (CDS), forward, swap, futures, option, warranty, bucket, positions, derivative life cycle, hedger, speculator, arbitrageur, trade / contract valuation.

    Core / Retail Banking – Account Management, Integrated Deposit System (IDS), Withdrawal – withdrawal-slip / cheque / payment card, Fund Transfer, FX operations, financial instruments, Integrated Loan System (ILS), Customer Information System (CIS).

    Payment System / Credit Card Business – merchant, card holder, acquiring bank, issuing bank, credit card association / network, authorization, clearing & settlement.

    In BFS industry Gaurab has worked for Accenture, TCS and Perot System where he has served clients - The Wall Street Giant Investment Banker JP Morgan Chase (JPMC), Bank of Ireland, Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA) Bank - Johannesburg - the largest bank of South Africa.

    Supply Chain Management (SCM)
      Demand Forecast, Distribution Planning, Production Planning, Deployment / Replenishment Planning.
      Adaptive / Dynamic Forecasting, Dynamic Distribution and Deployment, Production Scheduling
      In SCM industry Gaurab has worked for Manugistics / JDA Software where he has served clients - Boeing, Heinz, McDonald, Bose Corp., Michelin, Sara Lee, etc.
      Government Sector
      In this sector Gaurab has worked for Deloitte Consulting where he has served California State Government Welfare System that supports major processing functions of Welfare Client Data System (WCDS) Consortium, which is an association of 18 California counties that administer services for over 40% of state’s public assistance caseload.
      Chemical and Natural Resources (CNR) - Paints, Mining.
      In CNR industry Gaurab has worked for Accenture where he has served world's largest natural resources provider BHP Billiton.
      Gaurab worked on IT Application Development and Management program in Accenture that provided 24x7 production support of IT Enterprise System of BHP Billiton that supports their world wide natural resources business.

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