IT Application Architect / Manager
Mumbai - India
Cell: +91 98334 29753
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Gaurab has worked for Deloitte Consulting in Sacramento (California, USA) location as Programmer Analyst during 2001-2003. During his tenure in Deloitte he made following contribution.
Gaurab worked on development of California State Welfare System (CalWIN) that supports major processing functions of Welfare Client Data System (WCDS) Consortium, which is an association of 18 California counties that administer services for over 40% of state’s public assistance caseload.
This system was built on 4-tier client / server architecture and request / response based transaction middleware. Technologies used - PowerBuilder, Tuxedo ATMI / FML, C/C++/Unix, Shell, VC++, Micro Focus COBOL, Pro*C, Pro*COBOL, Oracle / SQL, MS SQL Server, Lex/Yacc.
Gaurab worked on development of application server on Tuxedo platform that interacts with back-end Oracle database to serve front-end client request.
Gaurab developed C/C++ and COBOL code generators out of pseudo codes using Lex/Yacc; out of these generated codes he developed Tuxedo services, business server modules and data access modules that interact with back-end Oracle database server. He integrated Tuxedo services, business modules, data access modules and built application server on Tuxedo platform.

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